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Residential & Commercial Central Air Conditioning Units

Air Leaders, Inc. also provide several central air conditioner options that suit both residential and commercial environments. We can install units for new construction, replace a worn unit, or upgrade your current unit.




The SL28XCV of Devon Lennox Signature Series is the industry leader Air conditioner with a score of 28 SEER, more than any product to offer clean and perfect air. This series has a variable-capacity compressor to suppress operational sounds to a level unheard of. Quantum coil made with aluminum alloy for harsh elements. It emits low greenhouse gasses and suppresses humidity with a Humiditrol® dehumidification system to interfere with the cooling system to sustain comfort.

Lenox Elite Series has the first cooling systems with variable speed and a smart E30 thermostat for touch or voice command, making it easy to set minor increments in temperature.

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iComfort® air handlers and S30 thermostat for cooling efficiency of 18.6 SEER. Affordable HVAC equipment made with federal instructions to minimize billing costs by 30%. Lennox products have sensors for remote diagnostic to prevent malfunction and a sound-dampening system for seamless and quiet function. XC13 operates at as low as 74 dB for a balanced, calm, and comfortable feel.

Efficient and durable Air Conditioners for all. Lennox Merit Series came with a robust hot air extraction system and galvanized steel PermaGaurd™ cabinet specially designed to withstand harsh elements and unforeseen weather conditions for decades. ML14XCI and other merit series products have scroll compressors and single-stage unit systems to last long and offer unparalleled comfort at a reduced billing cost. Compatibility with IAQ products to prevent contamination for a fresh and pleasant indoor environment without ozone emission.

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Trane is an industry leader when it comes to creating energy efficient HVAC units of all types, including central air conditioners. With seven models to choose from, we have a unit that is sure to work for any size home or commercial building.

The Trane XL20I Air Conditioner is one of the industry’s most efficient air conditioners. Comfort-R™ technology is featured in this unit; when matched with a variable speed indoor unit, additional special features can be utilized. With a 20.00 SEER rating, this is one of the most energy-saving designs on the market. Automatic system charging, calibration, and configuration is possible with ComfortLink’s™ communicating technology.

The XR-16I air conditioners has a two-stage cooling setup, offering flexible comfort for your family with the ability to cool each room efficiently. Efficient performance and an 18.0 SEER rating makes it a money-saving choice, and it’s durable, economical design will significantly lower your cooling costs.

Another option from Air Leaders Inc. is the XR16. Working as part of your HVAC system, it comes with Trane’s well-known reliability and efficiency, a SEER rating of 18, and two-stage cooling along with durable, tested materials. This model is great for those seeking to earn an energy efficiency tax credit.

The XR14 model from Trane includes a Climatuff® compressor, Spine Fin™ outdoor coil, and full side louvered panels. Other features include a non-corrosive base pan and corrosion resistant fasteners.

For those looking for a less expensive installation cost with a unit that is still highly efficient, the Trane XB13 air conditioner, featuring a 14.5 SEER rating, allows you to relax comfortably. The XB13 model meets all SEER rating federal regulations and can substantially lower home cooling costs over older designs.


We carry a number of central air conditioning options from York, including their Infinity and LX series.

With the Infinity Series, split system cooling technology provides increased comfort, with an advanced compressor construction that can withstand the highest temperatures and air pressures. Sound reduction features include a sound enclosure, swept wing fan, and a composite base for quiet operation. With an 18 SEER rating, you’ll be able to keep your home cooler for less. Even temperatures and greater control are a focus of every York central air conditioner product.

The LX Series offers efficiency features that are optimized for Northern, Southeast, and Southwest climates, and because of this, you’ll get efficient transfer of warm air over the coils which are optimized for adequate airflow and circulation of refrigerated air. Backed by Johnson Controls’ manufacturing technology, all York air conditioning units have a powder-coat paint surfaces with an auto industry quality finish.

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