The world is facing severe climate changes. Storms and hurricanes are happening more often, so homeowners need to be ready.

Extreme weather can make life hard and may damage HVAC systems in Markham, Ontario. To keep your HVAC systems safe, you need to take some steps. We have some quick tips from experts to help you protect your HVAC units.

These tips can help you reduce damage and keep your HVAC units safe. Let’s see what the experts say about this.

1. Cover Your HVAC System

The first thing you should do to protect your HVAC system is to check the outdoor units. These units can get badly damaged by storms and hurricanes. The fins and coils in the outdoor unit can hurt and cause problems. To protect your HVAC, cover your outdoor unit.

You should also install hail guards on your outdoor HVAC system. Hail guards are made of strong metal that can stay on all year and protect your system. They won’t affect the heating and cooling process. You can take them off to get to the unit and put them back on even in good weather.

2. Stop Using the HVAC System

In extreme weather, your HVAC system may get damaged so badly that you might need to replace it. We suggest turning off your HVAC system during bad weather to avoid this. If you get alerts about a storm, turn off your thermostat and switch off the power from the main breaker.

Doing this lowers the chance of power-related problems. A good idea is to have a professional install a surge protector at your circuit breaker.

3. Ensure the Wires are Covered

Short circuits may happen in extreme weather because wires are exposed to the weather and temperature changes. To avoid this, call a professional HVAC contractor in Markham to cover and insulate wires between your outdoor HVAC unit and home. This way, you won't have problems during harsh weather.

4. Don’t Ignore Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent damage in extreme weather. Heating and AC systems need regular servicing and tune-ups to work well all year. If you haven't kept up with maintenance, your system might have problems when the weather changes. So, make sure an HVAC professional services your units regularly.

 5.   Protect Your HVAC Unit from High Winds

High and strong winds may not seem like extreme weather, but they can still cause problems for your HVAC system. Strong winds bring lots of debris and dust that can get into your HVAC system through the outdoor units.

This debris can block the air intake, making it harder for air to flow and lowering the air quality. This puts more strain on your system, causing it to use more energy and wear out faster. It can also be a health risk for you and your family.

Planning to install a new HVAC or want to protect the existing one? Call a professional HVAC contractor like Air Leaders in Markham. 

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